Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Agra peda -the food that make my soul happy..

I love food a lot and eat what all that make my soul happy:) :)but not 24 hours a day or 7 days a week..
As always ,sweets come first in the priority list.It helps me to consider the likings of others while planning a diet.After all we don't know how long we live,so have to consider the mind and don't let that smile fade.Everything depends on god's plan and we live with a purpose to learn and understand life..
Agra peda is made from ash gourd ,a vegetable which is better than  maida sweets available.During my childhood I had it once from a friend's house and I didn't forget that taste.After marriage when we settled here in Kochi ,I again saw Agra peda in bakeries and I was so happy to taste it again after so many years..
A few days back when I checked my weight it was 51kg,(due to a little more added sweet intake )usually it never go above 50kg.After two days of lowering the calories it came to normal..
                                  Sweets in limit is good as it change our mood instantly.But major portion of calories should come from complex carbohydrates.One tsp of sugar give as 20kcal and itsp of fat is 45kcal ,were as 1 iddli give only 50kcal..